`Jesus centered Healing ministry´

Do you want to follow Jesus – then it´s for you!

  • Grow in your faith in Jesus!
  • Grow in your relationship with Jesus!
  • Do what Jesus did!

Example of subjects which will be brought up:

Does God want to heal us?      Jesus – our example

How can we learn from Jesus?     How could Jesus heal people

Can God use anybody?     Can God heal anybody?

How does faith matter?     Why does not everyone get healed if it´s God´s will to heal?

Hinders for healing      The gifts of the Holy Spirit & the guidance of the Holy spirit etc.……

Time: 19.00-20.30  

Place: Mötesplatsen Angered, Hjällbogärdet 1, 424 34 Angered

Att.! Open for everyone!  If you can´t come every time – Come when you can!

You will, both through teaching and practice and without stress, have the opportunity to hear and receive what the bible has to say about the calling upon each believer´s life to heal the sick.

There will be some teaching every time and then a good time for practice. It is impossible to grow in the healing ministry without `doing´ what Jesus did.

As we come together with `God´s will to heal´in focus, God will heal. In other words, you´re most welcome to invite people you know who are in need of healing. We expect God to heal many people during this autumn.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey and a transforming adventure with Jesus!
Your will be done, Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven!

(If you have questions – call Mattias Eklöf tel.nr. 0702-551916)

Healing testimonies

Testimonies of what Jesus has done and is doing

From spring 2013 and forward:  
- In our youth meetings during spring and uptil summertime, Jesus healed a number of feet, ankles, necks, backs, knees, legs which were of different length got adjusted to the same length with the result that hurt in backs dissapeared.......

- 27/9, in the youth meeting,  after spending time in prayer, a strongly sprained and swollen ankle was healed (this was a boy who loves football but who hadn´t been able to play football during a week). One other boy had fallen and hurt his thumb badly so he could not moove it and screamed if someone touched it. he felt warmth in his hand and was completely healed from pain & could moove and bend it as normal after a time of prayer (he was happy as he could now go home and play Playstation with his friends again).

- At sunday service One lady with two small children who hadn´t been able to sleep for two weeks because of constant pain in her neck and shoulder, was completely healed and walked home without pain. She hasn´t had any more pain since then.

- One man came to church with severe headache, pain in his neck and pressure over his chest. We prayed for him and adressed every need in Jesus name and Jesus took it all away right there.

- One man who had injured his knee during weight lifting (see video testimony in swedish above) and who had constant pain since then and difficulties to walk in stairs, was totally free from pain as we prayed for him during the service.

- One man who had bad hearing in one ear, experienced his hearing improved after prayer.

- One lady who had problems with bleeding was healed from that.

- Over time, several people have experienced release from stress, tensions, worries, anxiety and sleeping problems.

- One lady who works in health care had injured her thumb joint and ligament with a chronic pain as result. She was operated but still had constant pain. After sick leave, she was forced to start working again, even though she was still in pain. She was very discouraged, tired and could not sleep. As we prayed for her, she experienced warmth in her hand and arm, pain left completely and she has not had any problems again. (see video testimony in swedish above)

- One man with Psoriatic arthritis in his hands, experienced healing after prayer, received strength and mobility in his hands. The day after, he tried on his wedding ring, and for the first time in 20 years, he could fit it on his finger again. (see video testimony in swedish above)

- At healing school 11/9, Jesus removed pain from a womans shoulders.

- Healing school 18/9: A woman from Tanzania came for the first time and she was very burdened from several years battle with pain (see video testimony in swedish above). She told that, 4 years ago, she had slipped, fallen and hurt her neck badly. This resulted in chronic pain, from highest up in her neck and all the way down her back and out in her hips. She had been to the doctors and had been through different treatments, but nothing had helped. They hadn´t been able to state a fracture, but told her it had to be a spinal cord injury and neurological. She also has had to constantly take painkillers. Because of the pain, she hasn´t been able to stand or walk without the support of cruthes and her mobility has been limited.

We praid for her and spoke out that healing belongs to her because of what Jesus has done and spoke to the pain to leave in Jesus name. We asked her if she felt anything, and she said she started to feel some tingling electrical feeling and heat up in her neck and after a while it spread down her back, out in her hips and out in her arms. She said she felt as if someone was operating in her neck, vertebrae, pulled and moved in her back. At one point we heard it snapped and creaked in her back. We asked her to stand up also to feel how it felt in different positions compared to before. She felt very heavy under the precense of God and couldn´t lift her arms. The Holy Spirit moved strongly over her whole body. It became very clear that God was also touching her inside where the burden of many years of pain had piled up, she felt relief and tears came down her cheeks.

Finally, after a long while under the touch of God, we asked her if she could feel any pain. She said that the pain was gone and that it felt so strange in her back, it felt so light and she felt no more pain. She walked back and forth a couple of times in the room and said it felt fine. She was overwhelmed and of course she had difficulties taking in what had happened.
The end result, was that she left the meeting without pain, carrying the crutch she needed coming to the meeting, in one hand as she walked out. What a great God we have!

The day after, we found out that she was brought up as a muslim and that, a couple of days before, she had had a dream where a bright, radiant person with a beard had visited her, had put his hand to her mouth and had offered her to breathe out of his hand. It had felt so nice, pieceful and relieving. Now she understood that it must have been Jesus that visited her in her dream and that now he had healed her from her pain.
During the week after, she experienced how Jesus continued to repair her body and she got filled up with great joy and relief.

1 1/2 week afterwards, she decided to give her life to Jesus

- Healing school 16/11: One man with damaged disks in his back who had suffered from pain, experienced that pain left from his back. He also had sciatic problems so we also prayed for his leg and foot because they had lost sensation. he didn´t feel any change in his leg and foot there and then, but afterwards, he has regained more and more sensation and the circulation has improved. We thank God for this and look forward to seeing it completed.

- Sunday service 20/10: One lady who has had MS for 19 years experienced that Jesus touched her back during the whole afternoon/evening after prayer. The monday after, she woke up without nerv pain in her back for the first time in 10 years. Normally she needed help to get up from her bed and get her clothes on, but now she could get up herself and felt new strength in her body.

- Sunday service 20/10: One lady who had a lot of pain in her legs because of varicose and also sciatic problems, experienced how her legs got warm and how the pain left completely.

- Sunday service 20/10: One lady who had pain in her swollen knee, experienced release from pain. She still had a little pain left but it is in process.

- Healing service 27/10: One lady who had pain in her back for many years because of a damaged disk (wear damage), experienced warmth in the damaged area. The morning after, she woke up without any pain and what had caused her pain to do before no more caused any pain. She had also had numbness in her leg which left after prayer. (see video testimony in swedish above)

- Healing service 27/10: Another woman who had pain in her lower back, especially when sitting down, felt warmth in her back when prayed for and could then sit down without pain.

- Healing school 30/10: One man experienced how Jesus completed healing in his back which had started two weeks before 16/11.

- Sunday service 3/11: A woman experienced that pressure around and inside her head, respiratory problems and a sense of suffocation was lifted of as we prayed. She sensed as if someone was operating inside her head and cut of what was causing pressure there. She had suffered from these problems during a long time.

- Healing school 6/11: A 13 year old boy had had a dream a couple of days before. In the dream Jesus came to him and told him that he wanted to come into his life to help him and share life with him. This boy had seen Jesus heal several of his friends during springtime and, bit by bit, Jesus has approached his life. This evening he came with an injured knee that he had injured at basketball training. We prayed for his knee and it was free from pain. After Jesus had healed his knee, he gave his life to Jesus.

We also continued praying for a man with Alzheimers disease. He has experienced improvement when we have prayed for him before. The presence of God was very strong over him and we expect his condition to be continously improved.

- Healing school 13/11: One man was healed from sciatic problems.

- A man with Diabetes and who have lost some eyesight because of the disease, has experienced improved sight after prayer during the last month. His Optician has confirmed a 40% improvement of his eyesight uptil now 2014-01-07. His doctor had not given him any expectation of seeing any improvement at all. He has also been able to lower the amount of insulin. We thank God and continue following a healing in process.


- 9/1 We went home to a couple where the husband has had constant severe headache for more than half a year. A couple of days before, he had to go to the hospital because of the pain. We shared the good news about God´s will to heal and prayed. After some time of prayer Jesus took away all his pain. He was amazed and very relieved, as well as his wife. We praise God! and Thank Jesus! that he took our pain and sickness once and for all on the cross.

- Healing school 15/1: A woman who, for a long time, has had pain in her neck and shoulders felt warmth in her whole back as we prayed and Jesus took away almost all her pain.
A man who has had pain in one of his legs for a long time and haven´t been able to sleep on that side, could inform us the day after, that most of the pain was gone.  To be continued!

- Healing school 21/1: One eman who had been in a car accident and who had lost a lot of his sight on one eye experienced improved eyesight after prayer.

- 27/1: A woman who had fallen outside and hurt her shoulder badly so she could not move her arm, was free from pain and could move her arm freely again after prayer.

- Healing school 5/3: A lady who has had quite a loss of hearing since an operation 2007, experienced severely improved hearing after about 30 minutes of prayer. (If God gets time and can speak to - and encourage our confidence in him, he will do it).

- Healing school 26/3: A man who had 50% loss of hearing on one ear since he was a child, experienced great improvement after prayer. He could now hear when someone whispered in his ear.

- At youth meeting 4/4 a young man came who had hurt his back thigh muscle and had not been able to play football during 2 weeks. After prayer the pain went and he could stretch and move without any problem.

- At youth meeting 11/4 one guy came who had been kicked hard on his Achilles tendon playing football. He was in a lot of pain and was limping. After prayer he said 90% of the pain left and he could walk without a problem.

- A woman who has been suffering from lactose intolerance felt warmth in her stomach as we prayed for her and has since then been able to eat ice cream and other milk products without problems. 

- At Healing service 15/6 we prayed for a man who had one leg shorter than the other and it grew out to the same length as the other. He had had Heel cushion in one shoe before and had to take it out now. 

-  On sunday service 17/8 we prayed for a woman who was allergic to horses. Later she confirmed that she no longer had any allergic reactions. 

2015: (Jesus is doing a lot all the time and we are not able to present it all, but we will try our best to continue and tell about what he does in peoples lives)

- A woman who, for many years, has had problems with her Metabolism and has taken medicin (Levaxin) for her Thyroid, got news from her doctor that her blood values are now fine and she does not need to take medicin anymore

- 22/3 A woman came to the service and had not been able to sleep because of pain and cramp in the side of her stomach. She thought it might be because of kidney stones. After we prayed the pain and cramp dissapeared. She hasn´t had any problems since then. 

- 28/3 Prayed for a man who had a crutch because his knee destroyed 10 years ago in a truck accident. Since then he´s had constant pain. He´s had 2 surgeries, but without solving the problem. Prayed for him several times and he experienced improvement after every time. Finally he left very happy and without pain. He felt strong warmth still in his knee, so Jesus was still continuing the healing process. 

- 24/4 Two weeks ago we prayed for a boy who came and asked for prayer, because he had a lot of hurt in his back and it hurt every step he took. He had some kind of support around the back and he had not been able to play football for several months. It felt better straight away, and a few days later, when we checked with him, he said it was all fine. One week later, he was out playing football with his friends again. 

- 25/4 Today we found out that a man we prayed for 7 months ago was healed.  A couple of years ago he was in a serious car accident and after that he regularly suffered from epileptic attacks. It used to take all his strength. Now he told us, that after we prayed 7 months ago, he hasn´t had one single epileptic attack. He had waited this long to share, just to be on the sure side. All glory to Jesus!!

- The woman mentioned above with metabolism problems, also is taking medicin to slow down irreversible damage with scars on her liver. The doctors say there is no way for the liver to get better. We have prayed for her and last time she went for a checkup, her blod tests showed a half way improvement and we believe that Jesus is going to heal the liver all the way.

- 16/9 Prayed for a lady with a sprained ankle and the pain was gone and she could wlk as normal on her foot

- 19/9 We prayed for a lady outside a nearby Mc Donalds. She had a walking aid because she had been operated in her leg and hip and had metal and screws in her leg to stabilise. She suffered from constant pain in her leg. As we prayed for her, she was very surprised that all the pain left. She was very relieved.

- 27/9 A woman came to church with lots of pain in her back from Lumbago and also had pain down the leg and could not lift the leg. After prayer the pain became less, she could move more freely and when she came back home the pain was gone.

- 16/10 A boy that came to iuyr friday evening activities had hurt in his ear. We prayed for him and the pain went instantly. He was very surprised but it became a great confirmation of God´s love into his life. 

- 29/10 A young man at Angereds centrum who trains boxing had hurt his back and had lots of pain. We prayed for him and all pain left his back. He was very surpirised, moved and happy.