Welcome to the Meeting Place

'Mötesplatsen´/The Meeting place, is an international church in the multicultural area of Angered.  

Are you allready a christian, are you curious about the christian faith or would you just be interested in visiting a church to see how it is? You are welcome!

I believe in a God , who is holy and warm, who gives strength and meaning to life

A God who heals, who makes broken whole again, who strenghtens and gives us identity I believe in a God who cries with me, when life is all in tears, A comforting God, who stays with me through it all.

I believe in a God who lives inside of me and who is powerful to transform the world around,
A joyful God who laughs with me, who lives with me eternally when this life on earth is done  

Do you want to meet with God?

Welcome to join Healing meetings!
Time: Wednesdays 19.00
Place: The Meeting Place
           Hjällbogärdet 1

We see Jesus heal people regularly, both in our sunday services and in our other meetings.
For God, nothing is impossible!
He loves to meet with us and touch our lives in ways only he can do.

Welcome to support the ministry & give a contribution to the church.
You can do it simply by using Swish.

Our Swishnumber is: 123 146 6085

Or by Plusgironr: 484 45 29-0 (Nordea bank)

From outside of Sweden:

Name of Bank: NORDEA

IBAN nr.:  SE67 9500 0099 6026 4844 5290


What´s up?

- Wednesday 19.00 Prayer

- Thursday 17.30 Women´s meeting

- Saturday 13.00-15.00 Outreach at Angered centrum 

- Sunday 11.00 Sunday service 

If you have questions, call 0702-551916

Feel free to write something in our