Our Longing and Goal, is to be a:

A place of discovery: A place where you are invited to discover who God is, what the christian faith and christian life is all about.
Place of Worship: A place filled with worship 
Place of Prayer: A place that seeks God with all it´s heart and that wants to surrender everything to Him.
Place of blessing: A place, that, in every way it can, wants to bless others.
A place of healing & restauration: A place where God is given time & space to draw close to people and where people get time & space to draw close to God. A place where God´s healing power transforms peoples lives.
A Caring and Loving place: A place where God´s love becomes real and is being practically expressed as we share life together.
A Childrens Church: A place that leads the children to see and know Jesus as their personal saviour and best friend.
A Mission base: actively and boldly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, both localy & further, wherever he leads and whenever he calls.