Pastor couple

Name- Mattias Eklöf
E-mail -
Phone - 0702-551916
My name is Mattias Eklöf. I was born in Congo Kinshasa where my parents worked as missionaries and I spent 9 years of my upbringing in Africa. Since some years back we live in Angered, me, my wife Lisa, our 4 children, Felicia, Alexander, Sofia, Nicole and our two foster kids Menar & Aboudi. Apart from working with the church, during many years, I also have worked part-time at a shelter for homeless people with drug problems. We, me & Lisa, also function as a foster family and most of the time, we have one or more extra kids with us at home. Life does not get boring, there´s a lot to do and it only works by the the great grace of God.

 We enjoy living in a multicultural area as Angered and We believe in a vivid and growing multicultural church where the diversity and abundance of God is being expressed.

Responsable Childrens ministry
Name - Lisa Eklöf
E-mail -
Mobile - 0708-433676

My name is Lisa Eklöf. I was born in New Zeeland, but moved to Sweden with my parents and siblings when I was 11 years old. during many years I worked in health care, but since some years back I am home based working as a foster mom. We receive children of different age who stay with us for shorter or longer time.

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