Our faith

We believe...

  • in a personal God who is the reason for our existence and who longs for to be part of everyone´s life.  
  • in a God who wants to be close to us in all circumstances of life.
  • that, through receiving Jesus Christ in your life, you can come to know the living God and you can enter into a personal relationship with him.  
  • life is a gift from God and he has given to every human being a value beyond measure.
  • the meaning of life is to be discovered in the relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ.

... The bible, God´s word 

  • We believe that the bible is the true word of God.
  • The Bible is a guide and instruction book for life.
  • It tells us about the origin of humanity, God´s history and purpose with mankind and about God´s good intentions and future for our lives.
  • It is a living word that shows us the truth and it is healing to our lives